Denver, CO Architects

Vogels Residence

  • Littleton, CO

The desire to update a 1960’s vintage kitchen and provide entertainment space for an accomplished gourmet cook was the driving force for the project.  The existing house with its strong horizontality imposed a design aesthetic that clearly identified the problem of adding volumetric space to the kitchen.

Initial design direction by the clients included maximizing daylight into the space while working with the existing structural components and adding finished basement space for their wine cellar. 

Conceptually, the cooking, prep and serving area are within a double height space surrounded by the existing single story entertaining areas.  The strong horizontality of the existing structure is carried across the double height space, referencing the horizontality of the existing house. 

Material detailing of the addition is in keeping with all architectural detailing present in the existing structure. The addition creates a striking focal point for the house while responding to the style and intent of the original architecture.