Denver, CO Architects

Vesta Dipping Grill

  • Denver, CO

The evocative terms of the myth, ‘Vesta, the Goddess of the Hearth’, conjure up images of warmth, companionship and sensuality. A place for dreaming, friendship and seductive romance; at Vesta Dipping Grill, these themes are combined to create a dining experience. 

The interior architecture supports the experience in physical as well as symbolic gestures: 

Fire, Hearth, Grill

Images of flame, fire and warmth are explored in the custom lighting fixtures, interior color and material palette, custom steel fabrications, and placement of the grill/hearth.

The grill/hearth is symbolic of Vesta and maintains a prominent position within the interior.  It is visible from the entry, the bar and all tables within the dining room. As we move closer to the hearth, the seating changes from informal freestanding tables to seductively enclosed booths. These seating options reinforce the potential of friendship and companionship progressing to seductive romance.

Light, space, movement

Careful attention to lighting, personal space, sensual form and surface treatment reinforce the notion of dining as a potentially romantic experience. The interior has been designed to symbolically communicate a journey from the informal initial contact (the bar), where one is aroused by the “sperm” lights, to the seductiveness of the circular booths and their relationship to the traditional center of communal activity, the hearth and the fire.

Voted the #1 romantic restaurant in Lower Downtown Denver, Vesta maintains its stature as a destination hot spot in downtown Denver’s restaurant scene.