Denver, CO Architects

Tokyo Joe’s Restaurants

  • Multiple Locations

Tokyo Joe’s restaurants range from 2000sf-3000sf and are typically located in strip shopping center spaces.  Within this typically banal context each new ‘Joe’s’ is designed to tectonically communicate the theme of the restaurant, utilizing a series of components that abstractly reference ideas such as health, value, innovation, escape, travel, drama, stimulation of the senses, and interaction. These issues are explored and celebrated in the following ways:

  • Large-scale insertions, derived from abstractions of the rolled sushi product, transform the banal box by creating allusions to travel, movement, the sea, and escape.
  • Natural (and raw) materials such as concrete, wood and steel are utilized to reinforce the value and healthy aspect of the food.
  • Kinetic shapes and forms further reinforce the notion of movement and innovation giving each space an identity and energy appropriate to fast casual dining.
  • Industrial fabrications and exposed infrastructure systems are juxtaposed with elegant millwork insertions to further reinforce the notion of a value driven and healthy lifestyle. Exposed ducts become light reflectors, spiral lights add detail and spot lighting to individual tables while accessory items are designed to supplement the architectural moves.

All restaurants maintain a ‘visual branding’ with a consistency of image based on the utilization of a similar material palette, formal language and organizational principals. Variety within this desired consistency is established by exploring scale with a variety geometric and volumetric juxtaposition relative to the pragmatic organizational diagram.