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  • Denver, CO

The Skye Boutique, an 1850sf women’s clothing store, questions the traditional retail experience by celebrating the emotional metamorphosis of change.  Focusing on the act of undressing and dressing, the interior is defined by carefully composing a series of translucent re-clothing chambers within the space.  These cylindrical chambers, located along the street front, redefine the space while signaling the emotional significance of shedding and re-clothing.  Various levels of translucency expose the act as either intimately personal or expressively celebratory, engaging the storefront with the theatre of the street.

Sheer fabrics and translucent materials utilized throughout the store further enhance the notion of exposure.  The materials enhance the spatial layering of the interior by establishing a processional density from the exterior urban environment to the container-like womb of the poché environments in the rear of the store.  

Change, kinetic energy and visual stimulation are reinforced by displaying the clothing on slowly circulating racks that are derivative of the dry-cleaning industry. These circulating racks reduce the amount of display space while creating a sense of continual fluid movement. Customers become engaged in the display process by actively participating in the movement. The experience is further enhanced by the video animation of live modeling shows throughout the world. Clothing exhibited at the shows is transformed into a hologram that is displayed within a ‘naked’ storefront chamber while computerized view stations allow the customer to download holograms of the clothing into the display chamber.  Swatches of the actual fabrics are automatically loaded onto the circulating rack as the holograms outfit transforms into the specified selections.