Denver, CO Architects

Ozawa Residence

  • Lakewood, CO

This 1950’s single story ranch house is located in a quiet suburban neighborhood west of Denver.  The existing house frames a beautiful landscaped rear yard but does not take advantage of distant views of the lake.  The owner’s goals for the remodel included:

  • A frontal reorientation to take advantage of lake views
  • A new family room, exercise room and  a roof top deck in phase 1
  • An expanded master bedroom in phase 2
  • A distinctive, contemporary exterior and interior aesthetic
  • A revised front entry in phase 3

Phase 1 was completed in 1999 by adding a 2 story gabled volume to the south end of the house.  Phase 2, the master bedroom and bathroom was completed in 2004 and adds another 2 story volume to the north end of the house.  These two volumes ‘bookend’ the house and create a framework for the phase 3 2008 remodel of the front of the house, connecting the two bookend volumes.

The master bedroom addition is clad in metal and slate tiles to maintain the visual aesthetic of the phase 1 addition.  High windows provide privacy and promote cross ventilation while allowing daylight to enter the interior from 3 different directions.  The brightly colored interior reinforces the volumetric interplay between the existing and new construction.