Denver, CO Architects


  • Denver, CO

This design for a lounge / nightclub transforms an existing freestanding 5,000 SF building into an environment that alludes to the emotion and physicality of flight, travel, levitation and movement.  To reinforce these concepts, the following design strategies were employed:

  • Montage – The montage process of ‘aggregation’ parallels memories two part operation: the assembling of an image and its imprinting on the memory.  Both image and memory are derivative of precedents which have been abstracted to create a new concept and a new quality, arising out of their juxtaposition.  Figurative references to physical images such as fuselage, control tower and departure gate are carefully transposed to heighten the memories recall process, connecting the literal and the abstract.
  • Intervention - The intentional dialogue between old and new is reinforced by the collaboration of disparate forms, yet the integrity of the whole is unveiled as a sequence of improvised qualities arising from this ‘collaboration.’
  • Sensuality – Both an emotional and physical experience, sensuality emerges from a sensibility of design created from a dialogue between materials, shape, light and hue.  The curvaceous lines of the all white interior are kinetically transformed as the LED lighting shifts through the color range of warm and cool tones.  The lighting spills out onto the street engaging the urban context into the sexual vibe generated from within.