Denver, CO Architects

Colorado Bureau of Investigations

  • Grand Junction, CO

The 38,794 SF Colorado Bureau of Investigations new regional criminal justice facility includes forensic and investigative laboratories, evidence storage and central office space for the CBI.  The two major building components, lab space and office space are linked by a daylighted lobby and corridor.  Lab spaces are contained within a masonry volume and naturally daylighted from skylights and clerestory windows.

A glass volume houses investigators and lab technician work spaces within a tiered space that fosters communication and interaction.  Conference rooms, enclosed offices and additional support spaces are centrally located to free up the exterior for views and natural daylighting.

An interior public tour route is designed to allow views into the various lab spaces while maintaining security.  Additional security measures include separation of public and secure parking, minimal fenestration on the public side and integrated hardscaping between the building and parking areas.