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Carelli's of Boulder

  • Boulder, CO

This Italian restaurant, located in a strip shopping center close to the University of Colorado Boulder Campus, is consistently voted the #1 Italian restaurant in Boulder. 

Prior to our first remodel in 2001 the restaurant was mired in the depths of mediocrity normally associated with sandwich and pizza eateries.  The owner came to us with the desire to increase his seating capacity, his price point and his image.

The first phase of the project, a new bar, new booth seating and all new finishes, materials and lighting, had to be completed with a maximum of 10 days of down time and a construction budget of $70,000.00 including furniture and equipment. To meet the budget and schedule, inexpensive and readily available materials are utilized in creative ways to establish a recognizable character that transcends historic or contemporary style.

A remodeled central fireplace element is now the primary interior focus. The dining area, bar, pick up counter, and raised ceiling soffit all rotate off of this central focus. The interplay of geometric form, primary colors and natural materials such as birch and cherry wood, stained concrete, copper, and slate combine to establish an interior vocabulary of permanence and regionally appropriate materiality.  The juxtaposition of the natural materials and the man made formal interventions add a sense of drama and "place" to the interior, reinforcing the notion of ‘dining’ as a theatrical experience.

Over a 7 year period the restaurant owner has engaged Roth + Sheppard Architects in 5 remodels, expanding the space by 2,500 SF and creating an outdoor courtyard.  Yet to come is an expanded indoor/outdoor dining room with a roof top deck.