Denver, CO Architects

Boulder Regional Fire Training Facilities

  • Boulder, CO

This new 18,000 SF metal building is located adjacent to the Boulder Reservoir in Boulder County, Colorado.  The Boulder Regional Fire Training Facility consists of a 10 acre fire training center including an administration building, burn building, drill tower and various training props. 

Like a fire that engulfs its surroundings, the red metal skin of the roof envelopes a masonry shell - symbolic of a protective learning and response environment.  The interactive center spine, expressed on the interior and exterior by skylight and wall glazing, is a visual indicator of the organizational parti defining the major program components within the building and on the site.  It is the connective link between the indoor and outdoor training.

The administration and apparatus building and its supporting elements are situated on an expansive site in a configuration that is sensitive to its surroundings while signaling a significant presence upon entry; a simple wedge form within a circle.  The circular site plan organization is based on a ‘hub’ concept which addresses the functional requirements of single point observation for all training components on the facility.  The form of the Administration building slopes from the low end that encloses the classrooms, offices, kitchen and lockers up to a high volume that encompasses the large drive through apparatus training area and the Live Training Classroom. At the terminus of the spine, this room also serves as the central observation deck that is the hub of the design, providing the ability to view the drill areas surrounding the building and interior of the apparatus bay.  This Live Training room and observation area can physically open its glazed walls and bay doors to provide a versatile learning facility that extends from inside to out.