Denver, CO Architects

Adams County Communications Center

  • Commerce City, CO

This 15,000 SF remodel and addition is designed to provide a secure, comfortable and calm environment for the 911 staff to help promote better communication and call dispatching services.

With budget and structure being the driving force, an innovative approach to planning, materials and finishes was necessary. The 2 building volumes (existing and new) were seen as anchors to the overall site, allowing the 'linking' element to become more transparent.  Within the center linking section the existing concrete panels have been replaced with a steel and glass system allowing for light transmission and an ample display area at the pedestrian level.

The dispatch room and adjacent offices take advantage of natural daylight from secure clerestory windows which also provide the dispatchers with a constant connection with the outside conditions to better help their communications with callers. Expansive sound absorbing ceilings and floor to ceiling window systems used throughout corridors, common areas and the dispatch room provide greatly improved transparency and acoustics while adding to the buildings sense of openness.  Extensive use of natural wood, stone and exposed masonry also give a feeling of warmth and security to the interior of the building. 

In contrast to the warm open feel of the interior, the exterior of the building has been designed using very modest and unassuming materials such as fluted, split-face and smooth concrete block, exposed structural steel, metal siding panels and glass.  The street façade is composed of a large smooth masonry wall penetrated by a single clerestory ribbon window that cuts across the center of the façade.  Only at the entrance and staff break area at the rear of the building has the hard protective skin been broken to reveal a glimpse of the delicate and warm interior condition.