Denver, CO Architects

3rd Avenue and St. Paul

  • Cherry Creek, CO

Designed to mitigate the divergent scales of the neighboring residential area with the invading commercial context, this 7,500 SF remodel and addition includes a new street façade that surrounds an existing 1950’s ranch house while extending the footprint to the street corner. The façade is defined by two perpendicular planes that respond to their respective street frontage by inflecting or pushing out, creating a linear courtyard on one side and a syncopated rhythm of modulated fenestration on the other.

A projecting louver element relates to the adjacent two-story building datum, while providing solar shading as well as a recognizable visual feature, both day and night.  The juxtaposition between the sloped building facade and the freestanding louver element establishes a negative/positive volumetric mass, continuing the linear horizontal datum of the adjacent buildings.  A rational grid of storefront doors occurs under the sloped façade wall and freestanding louver element creating a juxtaposition of materials, forms and textures along the commercial street culminating in the corner entry into the restaurant.  The corner acts as a transition space allowing for a change in scale, material and plan geometry to occur along the residential street. 

A ‘glass jewelry box’ concept is used to reinforce the notion of recognition and signage for the jewelry store frontage.  Canted surfaces in plan and elevation further reinforce the notion of visual stimulation while encouraging the passerby to explore the treasures within each store.