Denver, CO Architects

Ale House at Amato's

  • Denver, Colorado

Amato of Denver has been a fixture in Denver’s historic Lower Highlands
neighborhood for over 60 years. Often noted as a gathering spot for the
surrounding neighbors, Amato was also known for their unique garden decor.
In keeping the tradition of Amato alive, the next evolution of this highly visible
site will be the Ale House at Amato’s, a neighborhood pub with emphasis on
strengthening the communal spirit Amato’s has been known for.
While preserving much of the historic structure, the addition of wood and brick
elements recall the eclectic fabric and character of the surrounding neighborhood
while the outdoor patios enhance the pedestrian-friendly context. A roof top bar
further extends on the usable space giving patrons an uninterrupted view of
downtown Denver. Walls of sliding glass panels at the street level patio and roof
top bar enhance the visual transparency of the space, seamlessly connecting
inside and out.